About Ritobrita Mishra

My name is Ritobrita Mishra, and I am a junior editor for The REVIVAL Zine.

Recent Publications

An Identity Crisis With My Name

I don’t remember when I first started to hate my name. When I started to hate the syllables, the sounds, and the look of it on paper. I don’t remember when my name became my enemy and when I permitted it to become so. When I allowed the first inherent part of my identity to slowly become something that I despised about myself.

The Societal Pressure to Look Young and Negate Age

When seeing how often women are congratulated on retaining a youthful look, one starts to question where this mindset came from and why is it that for women, looking young is more celebrated than age itself?

Being Badass Does Not Equate to Strength and Complexity

The badass persona in particular is something that has become a popular trope in recent media adding to a narrative that there is only one form of strength that women should aspire to. This becomes problematic as it never gives women any real development in their character but instead simplifies them into a version where they become stagnant characters without any real complexity or growth.