About Sai Siddhaye

My name is Sai Siddhaye, and I am a junior editor for The REVIVAL Zine.

Recent Publications

Body Neutrality: Separation of Body and Worth

True body neutrality can’t be achieved without dismantling power structures like white supremacy or cissexism. My experience with mental illness has forced me to relearn how to care for myself, and refusing to place value in physical beauty has made this process much easier.

Shattered Hegemonies: Queerness in Precolonial India

The cultural vilification of queerness in India is a product of colonial occupation, and denying the material impact of the British Raj on queer people in India falls into the same branch of imperialist ideology that Britain utilized to enact violence in the first place.

Beyond the Binary

California Senate Bill 201 was rejected by the California Senate. This loss demonstrates how little the general public knows about intersex issues, health, and experiences; as bodily autonomy continues to be politicized and argued, intersex health must be advocated for just as much as womxn’s health and reproductive rights.