About Samah Atique

My name is Samah Atique, and I am a junior editor for The REVIVAL Zine.

Why did you join The REVIVAL Zine?

I joined REVIVAL during my sophomore year because I was searching for an outlet to express my views on important social and political issues, specifically those pertaining to gender and racial inequality, that I felt were being overlooked.

Recent Publications

Positives of the Pandemic

The shelter-in-place mandates have pushed people around the globe to take up valuable hobbies and activities that they may not have gotten the opportunity to do otherwise. And, just like all other calamities, this too will pass and hopefully leave the world with valuable insights and ways to mitigate the damage of future outbreaks.

Women in Politics

Striving for a larger number of female candidates in politics is by no means meant to depreciate or denigrate the work of their male counterparts. Instead, it would allow for further gender equality in the political sphere and a larger prioritization of the policy issues being considered.