About Lisa Lai

My name is Lisa Lai, and I am a senior editor for The REVIVAL Zine.

Why did you join The REVIVAL Zine?

As a person of color, there are not a lot of opportunities for me to voice my opinions and stories the way I want to – the way I need to. The REVIVAL Zine affirms my desire to inspire and uplift an intersectionally feminist society because the creative ways in which I express my unique experiences as an Asian American woman are understood and respected.

Recent Publications

Are the Olympics Really Welcoming Women?

As shown through the experiences of Cain and Semenya as well as the mis-portrayals through media, women and their bodies are dismissed, questioned, and sexualized. So are the Olympics really welcoming women? Not truly, no.

Cinderella: The After Story

There’s just one problem.
She doesn’t want to.
And nobody asks what she wants.
But it is her duty… right?