About Ashley MacLachlan

My name is Ashley MacLahan, and I am a PR and Social Media Intern for The REVIVAL Zine.

Why did you join The REVIVAL Zine?

My interest in feminism grew at an early age, for example in elementary school I recognized that my teachers and classmates treated boys and girls differently and it made me question why we were all treated differently. As I have gotten older and experienced different cultures and communities I acknowledged there are more injustices in the world. The word Feminism means equality in all aspects of society, regardless of what gender you are. The concept of feminism is not just about women’s rights issues, however, it’s about the inclusivity of all communities including both men and women. I am a firm believer in human rights and strive to be an activist and ally for intersectional communities including LGBTQIA+ rights, Black Lives Matter, immigrants’ rights, and sex workers’ rights.