REVIVAL’s Call to Action

Hello university students (especially intersectional feminists),

This request goes out to all United States undergraduate college students, especially (but not limited to) underrepresented students, feminists, women, LBTQIA+ students, people of color, trans students, and any individual or group of individuals that feels like they have struggled at any point in their lives to amplify their voice to tell their story and/or find solace in a community. 

3 years ago, I launched REVIVAL to bring intersectional feminism to my college, create an inclusive community for students who didn’t have one, and give students the chance to raise their voice. Our team has grown from just a few feminists at UC Davis in California to 100s of students at several colleges across the U.S., and we have grown our readership to >100,000 readers while publishing 100s of articles (personal stories, political coverage, feminist op-eds, creative pieces). 

Now, I am requesting your help to bring this intersectional feminist community and platform to every university in the country – we are recruiting for countless positions to help me establish REVIVAL as a nonprofit, expand to new universities, and build a powerful community to empower young people.

What Does The REVIVAL Zine Do?

Here’s our elevator pitch to you: The REVIVAL Zine is an intersectional feminist publication and community that has been expanding across the U.S.A. in efforts to give college students, especially women and all underrepresented individuals, the chance to reclaim their voices, advocate for important causes, and gain support for leadership/writing skills from a larger community. More details:

  • We have chapters (e.g. “The REVIVAL Zine at Sonoma State”) that operate independently but do so with the support of The REVIVAL Zine National HQ and a network of other university chapters. We have Slack groups, a Facebook group, and community events to help bring feminists together and build networks with each other.
  • Each chapter has a teams made up of Editors (writers), Social Media, Web, Finance, and leadership positions. Editors put out articles biweekly and go through editing cycles, while other teams keep the chapter running. We have even had some of our articles go viral on Instagram! Learn more about our chapter system on our chapters page.
  • Chapters also host fundraisers to sustain themselves while also giving back to other community organizations. As we grow, we are adding a community service branch to our infrastructure.
  • For the past three years, REVIVAL HQ was made up of a team of ~30 college students from the University of California, Davis that grew our organization from a couple of writers to a national community. This group is now “The REVIVAL Zine at UC Davis,” which is why I am now recruiting for an entirely new board of passionate feminists to take over for the National HQ in order to offer more representation from all over the country.

In order to continue providing chapters with journalism resources, hosting community events & conferences, getting funding, officially becoming a nonprofit, launching our new online store, and pushing forth a wave of intersectional feminism, we absolutely need more support.

An important note: since we have limited funding and no member of our team is paid or has ever been paid, we cannot offer compensation at this time and all positions are on a volunteer basis. We understand this limits many students’ involvement, but we hope to one day grow to a point when we can begin compensating the people who make REVIVAL what it is.

If you’d like to learn more about REVIVAL, watch this video from our members on why they originally joined, and check out the other videos on our YouTube channel.

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The REVIVAL Zine has been developed with support from the University of California National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement.