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A Gentle Reminder to Respect Yourself

By: Claire Armstrong

It’s hard to keep your head on straight
When you’re stuck inside the house.
Hard to remember
That you’re supposed to like yourself.

You climb into bed in the same pair of plaid pajama pants that you
Took class in
Ate lunch in
Watched TV in
Napped in
And you hate yourself a little bit.

You bite into another cookie
Make another pot of mac n cheese
Drink another can of coke
And feel disgusted.

You watch women work out
On Instagram Live,
And for a second, you hate them, too.
That makes you hate yourself even more.

Your cello sits gathering dust in the living room.
No lesson this week
So the thought of practicing
Doesn’t even cross your mind.

You shove your book under the bed

In favor of another nap.
Find yourself scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Hinge,
Anything to avoid that assignment
That would probably only take twenty minutes.

Tonight, you will crawl into bed
In those same plaid pajama pants
And feel like a failure
(Just like last night).
But tonight,
Try your best 
To take a moment to remind yourself
That you aren’t less valuable
Because you didn’t put on jeans today.