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As an intersectional feminist organization, REVIVAL encourages women, as well as all underrepresented students, to broaden their perspectives, share their thoughts, and use their voices. Not only do we empower feminists to share inclusive opinions regarding current events or social, political, cultural, and activist issues, but we also strive to give everyone the opportunity and community to express themselves while discussing their unique experiences.

Developed with support from the University of California National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement.

Recent Publications

The Indian Woman

They judge a woman who chooses to prioritize herself because her worth is somehow measured by how much she sacrifices for others. They think of her as intimidating and scary because she is “too strong” or “too rebellious”. In reality, she just wants to live for herself and not give in to unreasonable judgement. So if someone says you’re intimidating even though you’re just being yourself, it means you’re doing it right.

The Trouble With Trying

We can preach self-acceptance all we want, but every time we label one choice as “effort,” we’re labeling everyone who makes a different choice lazy, or careless. The decisions one makes with one’s appearance should be intrinsically motivated, because the activity brings genuine joy and fulfillment, not to prove our characters.

In Defense of Bella Swan

In an effort to encourage and empower women, society is doing what it always has–setting an ideal for women to aspire to, telling them what qualities they should strive to embody, that one set of traits is more desirable than others, and in the process, undercutting, deriding, and dismissing all of the women that do not fit in to this prescribed profile. 

Thinly Veiled Bigotry

On the campaign trail, Biden swore to overhaul draconian Trump-era policies by crafting comprehensive immigration reform. Although he did unveil an impressive immigration package on day one, that was soon followed by a myriad of executive orders, he has yet to deliver,  revealing his calls for reform to be empty promises.

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