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We are a Davis-based, student-run organization that strives to raise awareness, encourage discussion, advocate for marginalized groups, and mobilize for action towards social change. Our publication publishes respectful, appropriate, inclusive, accurate, and original content that allows students to use their voices and share their thoughts about social/political/cultural issues, current events, and activism through articles, written works, art, photography, or other forms of creative expression. We encourage students to share their personal experiences and opinions.

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We appreciate your interest in joining our 30+ member family! We accept applications on a rolling basis. Please take a look at the list of available positions, & apply by scrolling down and submitting through the form.
Remember: (1) you must be a university student to apply, (2) all work as of right now is remote, (3) willingness to put in time & learn valued over all else, and (4) all positions are volunteer-based & unpaid.
We do not offer salaries for any member of REVIVAL, including the executive team.

  • WEB DIRECTOR: (highest priority) This position entails managing our WordPress website, making the site as user-friendly as possible, brainstorming new designs, setting up the eCommerce store, assisting chapters with web issues, making changes to the site to optimize function, and carrying out changes to accommodate our various projects. This will require ~4 hours a week.
  • CAMPUS EXPANSION DIRECTOR: (highest priority) REVIVAL has been expanding & establishing chapters in other campuses and we have chapters at UCLA, Cornell, UCSB, & Sonoma State! If you are great with communication & cold calling/emailing, excited to spread our feminist publication to new locations, and believe you can take initiative, apply here. This position entails reaching out to organizations/contacts in different campuses, maintaining communications with chapters, planning chapter events, applying for grants/funding, helping with business registrations, and overall working with chapters. Requires ~4 hours per week and offers opportunities for growth.
  • Senior Editor: This position entails working alongside other Senior Editors to manage our Editorial Board and delegate tasks to our team of Junior Editors, while contributing articles (if possible), editing some submissions, and most importantly, looking over internal and external submissions to make sure everything is functioning smoothly. This position will require ~4 hours a week.
  • Junior Editor: As a Junior Editor, you will be a part of Editorial Board to write articles, contribute other forms of written content, editing others’ work, and collaborate with other Junior Editors weekly to workshop your pieces under the guidance of Senior Editors. This position will require ~3 hours a week.
  • Finance Intern: This position entails working on budgeting, applying for grants, and working with other teams to help plan events/organize finances. You will be working under the guidance of our Finance Director. This will require ~3 hours a week.
  • Graphics Intern: This position entails working under the PR Director and alongside other PR/Graphics Interns to create required graphics for articles, social media campaigns, T-shirt campaigns, or our website. We will mostly be utilizing Canva but knowledge of other tools and software is a plus. Requires ~3 hours a week.
  • PR and Social Media Intern: This position entails consistently posting/managing our pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), keeping in touch with other organizations, and brainstorming creative marketing campaigns while working under the guidance of our Public Relations Director alongside other PR/Graphics Interns. This will require ~3 hours a week.

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