About Flora Oliveira

My name is Flora Oliveira, and I am the Vice President of The REVIVAL Zine.

Why did you join The REVIVAL Zine?

I originally joined REVIVAL because it was an organization that grounded itself in advocacy, and that really peaked my interest. I also see that REVIVAL prioritizes student voices and amplifies them, while using an intersectional framework. This is exactly what feminism means to me.

Recent Publications

Polyamorous Foundations

“I realized what I thought were just crushes on my friends… resonated with the polyamory community too.” . . . Sex ed growing up? “oh ho ho shit. So inadequate” says Wren. Promptly after asking for their sex education background Wren recounted sitting through a fifth-grade sex ed day in which the teachers separated kids […]

The Ugly Truth — TW & CW: Abuse

Sam has shared their experiences around sex ed in-depth with me, even though there wasn’t very much to share. Sam’s sex ed was similar to all my interviewees, who occurred in middle to high school, had no queer education, and they mostly gathered other info via the internet. They had a great group of friends in which they confirmed all findings with, but even then, they felt it wasn’t enough. For years Sam struggled with their identity and sexuality, never allowing themselves to process what it would be like to not be cis or het.

No Wanking Way: Masturbation and Shame

Early discussions on masturbation were common for men– they were acceptable. But when it came to women, it was seen as a sin, a symptom, and/or a disease. Ingrained in our society was the idea that masturbation is only acceptable at the hands of men.

Norwegian Sexcapade

“It ended up just being me, the Grindr guy, and his very attractive friend.” . . . This week’s interview centers my friend, “Whorechata, ” who kept it short and entertaining. Just as fun as his pseudo-name and introduction picture, Whorechata is a vibrant nature enthusiast, who strives to open his own social plant shop. […]

Uppers, Dilators, and Vaginismus

Kazayran’s story is the first of many we will review. This week it provides insight to the differences in how sex is perceived, how certain abilities may affect sex, and what expectations may be keeping you from living your best sexual experiences.

Oh, The Irony

You, as a white privileged person, don’t suffer for just being a minority. That whiteness grants you the privilege to not suffer when you approach police armed with an automatic weapon all in the name of protesting shelter in place. That whiteness grants you tear gas-free, brutality free, and most of all, a murder free time when expressing your 1st amendment right.

Congregation vs. Segregation

By congregating, black people can support one another, and attempt to avoid the inequity which they would otherwise face outside of these spaces.

THAT Conversation

With Black History Month here, our priority should and needs to be: elevating the community. We can’t do this without going out of our way to systematically change how we treat black, trans, and immigrant womxn.

Abuse of Women in Athletics

The capitalist nature of these institutions/systems lead to the welcoming of such damaging perpetrators. The very systems these athletes are recruited by, present a set of circumstances no women should face– one which deeply reflects the gendered effects of colonialism. By sharing these women’s stories we can begin to understand the change that must come.