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Me Too

Submission by Urvashi Iyer. Photograph by Winona Lo.
Trigger Warning – This poem is about the “Me Too” movement. It is a simply means of expression and is in no way intended to offend anyone.

Plastered smile

Planted feet

Insecurities buried underneath

A frozen pond

Just waiting to crack

As she beats herself blue and black

Because this unjust world

Blames the victim for a crime

That the man commits, but the woman does the time

At the bar, in the metro

On the streets or the kitchen at home

No matter where she goes, they just won’t leave her alone

She will run and she will beg but

She is after all only an object

Upon which actions and apathy seem to have no effect

These lustful fiends are treading time,

Soon they’ll be drowning in oceans of lies

When the caves within her heart echo her piercing cries

Because though she is quiet and

Though she is smiling,

Her body won’t let her forget the scars she is hiding


She screams, hoping for a reply

Me too, a voice whispers back nearby

So many women

Me too’s everywhere

How many will it take for men to think before they dare

Disrespect another body or

Violate another soul, or perhaps attempt to

Mend her so that she may once again be whole?