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Story 1

I was raped by a soccer player. We were both sober and met up to talk about a class. I assumed he’d probably make a move, but he didn’t even try, he immediately pinned me down. The details aren’t important, the repercussions are. I worked for a school department at the time and told 4 different mandated reporters, a year later — a year after his graduation, I found out they all broke federal law and didn’t file a Title IX. He sent me to the hospital. I had to take time off school, I have to do an entire extra year. I have crippling PTSD. But he was a soccer player, he was a senior, it happened on school property… all too important of factors that lead me to not believe the lack of filing a report was accidental. I hope they report next time, I didn’t know my options till it was too late — he graduated. So many of my friends thought I was crazy, waiting for me to get over it, before my physical body had even healed. Please listen and be patient to your friends, always. It can save their lives, like my true friends, family, and favorite Professor did.

Protect employees before customers.