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Story 2

One of their leaders sexually assaulted me while we were spending time getting to know each other. He kept saying to me “it’s okay” even though I said no repeatedly and had to physically cover my vulva with my hands to prevent him from having sex with me. His weight was crushing me and I felt fear that I was being over powered. When I shared my status as a survivor from sexual assault to student senate, the fraternity member senators told me I was tarnishing their name and attacking their brotherhood and that they would not stand for it. I wonder how we can ever expect change in Greek life sexual assault if the members feel threatened by our bravery to share our stories rather than feel compelled to end sexual assault in Greek life.

They must be held accountable and redirect their energy to ending and preventing sexual assault by following the success of UC Berkeley Greek life and working with commissions and committees of student senate whom are already fighting to address these issues.